COMING December 21, 2020

     Arrested for their parents’ murder and on the verge of being found guilty, Gage and Cooper Finn, two high school basketball standouts, are aided in a jailbreak. A shadowy organization known as The Roamers recruits the boys to track and hunt down vampires under deep cover so other humans remain as much in the dark about the existence of supernatural beings.

     Their orders on a new case lead them to an abandoned warehouse and a clue, a newly-formed vampire named Jamie, who opens the door to discovering what happened to their parents. Things become more dangerous as Gage catches the attention of Sela Winters, the daughter of the leader of The Roamers. Sela’s connections give them access to files that threaten to divide Gage and Cooper as they split up to solve this mystery – if betrayal doesn’t sink its fangs into them first.

     Will the brothers find answers before they turn on each other?

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YA Fantasy

     Being dragged out of a car and shoved into a darkened trunk might make a normal girl feel helpless, but Meda isn’t just any girl, and the boys who kidnapped her have no idea who or what they are dealing with.

     At seventeen years old, Meda is ripped from her family to train as a shape-shifting operative for the Agency. It's her job to seek out and discredit political figures. 

     While on a high stakes mission, Meda is kidnapped by three teenage boys. It’s the last thing she needs. She’s behind schedule, and if the mission fails, her family pays the price. However, the longer she spends playing hostage, the more information she gathers on her kidnappers. Fueled by revenge, the boys are gathering intel on the Agency in hopes to take them down.

     Allegiance and family are tested to their limits as bullets fire from all sides. Meda finds herself caught in a political conspiracy that shakes her to her core, and it’ll take all her strength to trust her own instincts and stop following orders.

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